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Our Mission: Stepping Stone Phlebotomy’s goal is to educate and provide unparalleled training in the field of Phlebotomy by providing an in-depth lecture of up to date Phlebotomy practices followed by hands-on training. We strive to be your stepping stone in advancing your career or even starting a new career. We will provide a professional yet relaxed setting that will promote safety and success while building student confidence through highly qualified instruction.

The instructors here at Stepping Stone Phlebotomy are the driving force behind a dynamic company that specializes in certifications for medical professionals on various educational levels. We provide thorough training for the purpose of  cross-training and continuing education to health care professionals and Allied Health students such as nurses, medical assistants, certified nursing assistants, medical technologist, physicians, dentist, laboratory assistants, respiratory therapist, radiographers, EMT’s and other health care professionals currently performing phlebotomy work or those who anticipate performing phlebotomy procedures in the future. Blood draws will consist of live sticks in class.  Theses sticks will be done on a training device first then on fellow students and yourself in a very supervised setting. We understand some students who have never drawn blood will experience nervousness, anxiety and possibly fear while learning a new skill…NO WORRIES! We are highly trained at handling theses type of situations and assure you that we will get you through the transition! Its our specialty!! Our company consist of highly educated and experienced medical professionals who have outstanding credentials and work ethics. We are dedicated to providing students with all the personal attention they need to succeed and the latest skills and safety techniques through exclusive accelerated evening and weekend classes. Our goal is to provide quality training and education to medical professionals in order to create a safer, more efficient, and more comprehensive healthcare environment. In addition, you will acquire extensive training in blood collection, handling and processing of specimens, laboratory safety, Bloodborne Pathogens, (OSHA) Standards, hazards and complications, basic venous anatomy, sterile technique, equipment selection and medial terminology.

Our ultimate goal is to devote our years of experience and training to each student and help develop their skills in Phlebotomy. Additionally, your instructors are always available to answer questions. We instill upon our students the importance of having good bedside manner and compassion for the patient both in technique and personality. Each student will be required to perform and pass a hands-on competency test using various venipuncture techniques that they have been taught throughout the work shop. Upon completion of the course each student will be eligible to sit for the National Certification Exam through the National Healthcare Association.

Upcoming Classes

Statesville NC. ( August 3-31) Saturday Class

Statesville NC. (August 5-21) Evening Class

Statesville NC. ( Sep 14-Oct 12) Saturday Class

Statesville NC. (Sep 2-18) Evening Class

Statesville NC. ( Oct 26-Nov 23) Saturday Class






I’ll admit, when I saw the signs in town, and saw that the course was only two days, I was skeptical. How could they possibly teach us phlebotomy in two days? By being awesome, that’s how. I currently work in a medical setting, so not being able to do blood draws in the office was a disappointment to our patients, and my self-esteem. This class was full of useful information, as well as helpful tips and tricks for the practical setting. They do a great job of getting you ready for the hands on portion, so by the time you’re ready for your first “real” stick, you already feel like a pro. Since doing the class November 11th & 12th, I’ve already done over 30 sticks, with many patients complimenting me on how quick, easy, and painless it was. Stepping Stone really sets you up for success, and I recommend it for anyone who is looking to learn a new skill.
Natalie Horner
I must admit that when I saw that this class was 2 days I did my research. I called them and the NHA to make sure if I took this class I could sit for the exam. The NHA said the class was legit and that if I took the class I could take the test. I went to the class and was nervous because how could I learn everything in 2 days. The instructors are AWESOME and answer every question you have. I am now a Nationally Certified Phlebotomist and working at a plasma center. I got the job before I took my national test now I will get a raise since I took the test. Thank you for helping with my new career as a phlebotomist.
Sharon McMillan Snowden
As an RN and Duke alumni, the quality of the training is top notch. Value for your time and money!Highly recommended.
Nanjala Wafula
For anyone looking into a phlebotomy course, I highly recommend Stepping Stone! Not only was the class very informative but the hands on experience was super helpful. After completing the course, I felt very comfortable and confident in my training. Not only did I learn, but I also had a lot of laughs and made some good friends!
Daina Melton Ashworth